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For Delicious Danish Décor, Drape Your Table With This Indigo Tablecloth

indigo blue tablecloth ferm living

* Cool, contemporary Danish design from Ferm Living
* 100% organic cotton tablecloth
* Plays up indigo trend found in fashion and design

Inspired by the free-flowing scribbles of an indigo blue pen, Denmark-based design company Ferm Living brings a creative, contemporary flair to tabletop textiles with this “Pen” tablecloth.

Digitally printed on plain weave organic cotton, the mesmerizing pattern and cool blue tones bring a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic to your dining room or kitchen.

Like modern art, the “Pen” tablecloth conjures a variety of intimate experiences: the random doodles of a child, seismic shifts, or the old-fashioned pleasure of holding an ink pen in your hand and letting your mind wander.

For more than a decade, Ferm Living has been creating home goods that celebrate superior design, detailed craftsmanship and simple yet stunning aesthetics. Their contemporary product line includes a dash of mid-century sensibility and utility that springs from their Scandinavian heritage. In their own words: “We design products for the small and candid moments in everyday life.”

For those simple yet celebratory moments in your life, the “Pen” tablecloth helps color your home beautiful.

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