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Give Your Desk Some Natural Flare With This Luxury Succulent Terrarium

Luxury Succulent Terrarium

* A mini garden for your home or office
* Easy to care for and maintain
* Makes a great housewarming or employee gift

Add some natural color and plant life to your home or office with this Luxury Succulent Terrarium. Whether on your desk, in the kitchen or on a bookshelf, it’s an easy way to inject a little bit of decor into your daily life.

Succulents are the easiest plants to care for in the world as they don’t require regular watering or direct sunlight. Potted in gravel, this glass terrarium holds a variety of colorful succulents that work together with the rocks to create a calming, zen-like appearance. The premium plants are sourced for their shape, color and resilience, while the classic rounded glass vase fits into almost any setting.

Add a sprinkle of water every few weeks to keep the succulents fresh; keeping your area well-lit also helps to keep the plants blooming. During spring time, throw in some low-nitrogen fertilizer so they can continue to grow. With their unique textures, varying heights and deep colors, succulents are the perfect decorative accent to any space.

A bonus: these terrariums are available for same-day delivery in most areas of the country. Need a last-minute housewarming or birthday gift? Or need to send a thank you gift to your colleague or boss? This is one gift that’s sure to brighten up any space – or occasion.

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