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This Sleek Phone Ring Is As Useful As It Is Stylish

This Phone Ring Works on Iphone

* This finger ring for your phone is simple and elegant
* It also functions as a stand, and can be mounted on your car
* It’s adaptable to all smart phone models

This simple, elegant piece is an effortless combination of function and fashion: it’s adaptable to all smart phones, including the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+, and can also function as a stand. This ring from Torras is adhered using a pressure sensitive adhesive, which is durable, yet easily removable, so it can be re-purposed when you upgrade to the next model.

The ring has completely free, 360 degree rotation, which makes it helpful when watching videos, multi-tasking, or working out. This smartphone ring also comes in handy when shopping or running errands. We’ve all had that dilemma of not having enough hands to carry your your coffee, keys, smartphone, etc. at the same time. Unfortunately, this all too common inconvenience can often lead to dropping your smartphone–leaving you with shattered screen. This ring will keep your smartphone handy and safe, while allowing you to carry your other essentials while out and about. Available in a wide range of colors including gold, rose gold, and jet black, it can also be used as a mount it in your car, so you can easily take calls on Bluetooth and have access to your driving apps like Waze and Google Maps.  In this day and age, we all want to stay connected, so having easy access to your phone is vital- and with this new ring, it’s stylish too.

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