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Find Your Pen Zen With This Desk Organizer

Easy Desk Organization with the Quirky

* The “Quirky Pen Zen” helps de-clutter your desk
* Bamboo exterior makes it a unique desk piece
* Hidden magnets allow for easy storage of small metal items

Office” and “relaxation” are not typically two words that go hand in hand. According to a study by the American Institute of Stress, 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did five years ago. Between deadlines, long hours and work piling up, you don’t need to add a cluttered desk to your list of things to worry about. The Quirky Pen Zen is a fun, easy way to organize your stationary. Its rubber extrusions act as fingers that hold your items in place, and its hidden magnets allow you attach small metal items to the side.

Stand it up vertically or set it on its side, like a mini planter blooming with stationery instead of plants. The simplistic design keeps things streamlined and unfussy, so as to not take up too much room – or distraction – on your desk.

Far more unique than a classic pencil holder, the bamboo exterior makes a great addition to your table, as well as a unique office conversation starter. Its fun and creative design allows for easy access, as well as an added incentive to de-clutter. So whether gifting yourself inner peace, or gifting a colleague a subtle hint, this Quirky Pen Zen is a worthy addition to pick up.

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