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This Sparrow Paper Clip Holder Makes Cool Desk Decor for Spring

This Sparrow Bird Paper Clip Holder
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* Nest Sparrow paper clip holder by Qualy
* Paperclips create a nest at the magnetic base
* Made from 100% recyclable materials

The sweetest way to spruce up your workspace for spring is with a fun splash of color. While art, rugs or furniture may be the first to come to mind, a simple and subtle addition to your desk is all it takes to bring some spring flair to your space.

When most people think of spring, it’s all about energizing sunshine, fluttery flowers, chirping birds and bright colors. These are instantly uplifting symbols that people love for the turn of the season. We like incorporating these little things into our workspace each year for a thoughtful update to our desk area.

The Nest Sparrow Paper Clip Holder by Qualy offers the perfect nod to spring in a vibrant red shade that’s instantly noticeable and will make you and others smile throughout the day. Made out of lightweight plastic, the Sparrow Paper Clip Holder creates a smooth sparrow bird shape, and also comes with 20 matching paper clips to get you started. The clear, magnetic base keeps it sturdy below and makes a cool nest out of the paperclips for an artistic look. To top it off, this product is made out of 100% recyclable material.

Available in five other colors, we like that this paper clip holder is a seasonal collector’s item but is also relevant year round as dainty decor. It also makes a great gift for that workaholic in your life, or your favorite coworker.

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