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A Toast to the Time-Tested Pyramid Toaster

camping toaster pyramid jacob bromwell

* Pyramid-style toaster evenly toasts two slices of bread
* Made in America for over 200 years
* Stainless steel or original tin construction

Now this is our kind of New Year’s toast. This old-school, non-electric Pyramid Toaster from Jacob Bromwell has been making campers happy for hundreds of years. Proudly made in the USA, it’s the perfect piece to impress friends over a campfire, or your fireplace at home.

The Pyramid Toaster (so named because of its sloped design) is a non-electric, fail-safe way to cook two pieces of toast to an even golden brown. Place it over an open fire, or use over a gas or wood stove top. It’s not just for toast either – use it to heat up pop tarts, pastries, even personal pizzas. All come out to perfection.


This Heritage Collection product from Jason Bromwell is available in both the original tin or stainless steel, so you can choose your material. It’s designed with reinforced ridges and an extra large base to catch pesky crumbs before the ants or critters do.

Lightweight and compact at just 7-inches x 4-inches x 5-inches, it’s easy to store in your camping duffel or in the cupboards, so you can have the perfect toast anytime. Take it out as a party conversation starter. Or gift it to your outdoorsy friend who also appreciates solid design. Bonus: the Pyramid Toaster is backed by Jacob Bromwell’s lifetime guarantee, so you can trust it to endure, wherever your camping or travels take you.

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