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Into the Wild, Comfortably: This Pop-Up Tent Bed Takes the Roughness out of “Roughing It”

This Pop Up Tent Cot Is

* Easy to set-up tent cot
* Includes sleeping bag and air mattress
* No power source required

This pop-up tent cot is one of the most thoughtfully-designed things you’ll bring on your camping trip. Easy to set up and stow away, the pop-up tent cot lets you sleep comfortably off the ground, while staying dry and sheltered from the elements.

The stowaway bed includes an air mattress and sleeping bag as well as a large zippered door for entry and exit. It even includes its own storage bag so that it’s easy to put away during the off season.

The pop-up tent cot offers comfort and convenience while “roughing it.” The tent and cot can be detached for separate use as well — a nice bonus feature. The cot measures 6’4” x 5’4” in height and is just under three feet wide, making it a comfortable sleeping space for one or a snug and cozy sleeping space for two.

The tent is made of durable and weather tested materials and the included air mattress comes with a foot pump which allows for inflation even without electricity or a power source. A sleeping bag and pillow are also included.

When you’re ready to head to home — or to your next spot — pack everything back into the accompanying storage bag and you’re good to go.

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