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Your Furry Friend’s New Best Friend Is Here

ball launcher ifetch

* Launches balls up to 10, 25 and even 40 feet in the air
* Perfect for large and medium-sized dogs
* Works with regular tennis balls

The internet nearly broke a few months ago when a Harvard scientist revealed how dogs sometimes dream about their ownersWell, we gotta warn you that your pet pup might have a new obsession once they start playing with the iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher.

This amazing invention is the perfect companion for busy owners and their active dogs. It’s cute, portable and extremely easy to use. Your four-legged friend simply drops the ball in the iFetch and it launches automatically, providing hours and hours of nonstop fun.

You can program the iFetch to launch the ball 10, 25, and even 40 feet in the air. And don’t worry — it also comes with three pet-safe tennis balls so you won’t have to worry about finding Fido a ball that fits.

Following the success of the first iFetch, this new upgraded model was designed for medium and larger breeds. The company’s website also has a bunch of different tutorials to help you and your fur friend take full advantage of all the features.

Created by an adorable grandpa-grandson duo, the iFetch’s Kickstarter campaign was able to raise over four times their target amount in only a few weeks. Seriously, how can you — and your pooch — not fall in love?

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