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Your Cat Craves A Cat Cave

cat bed Kittikubbi large natural wool
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* A handcrafted cat bed/cave provides a daily hangout for your cat
* Works as both a padded mat and stress-relieving hideaway
* Made from 100% natural wool for comfort in all seasons

With the KittiKubbi cat bed cave, you’ll give your cat a place to relax in the summer and hide when the cold weather comes. The woolen bed can sit happily in any room of the house and provides a comfortable hideaway for your feline friends, whether you have a kitten or an adult.

Handcrafted by artisans in Nepal, the super soft beds have been individually molded to form a cave structure. By using an ancient felting process that resists traditional wear and tear, the intelligent structure can double as a cozy padded mat. The cave simply flattens down for your cat to sleep on.

The 100% all-natural, woolen cave is also free from any harsh chemicals and synthetic fabrics. It’s safe and non-toxic for both your pet and the environment. And the high-quality wool naturally works to reduce odor and repel stains.

This cat bed is great for year-round use. During the summer, the cave provides a place away from direct sunlight; while the cave helps hold your cat’s heat in the winter cold. When you place your order, you’ll get a choice of three colors – brown pebble with orange, lilac or grey.

Whether your pet loves to lie out in the open or prefers the privacy of their very own nook, the KittiKubbi is sure to become your cat’s favorite hangout.

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