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Forget the Goldfish Tank; It’s Time to Get an EcoSphere

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Pod

* Aquatic ecosystem provides calming addition to any room
* No maintenance or water changing required
* Closed aquatic environment can “live” up to three years

Find your very own tiny world enclosed within an EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem. These visually appealing pods house everything required for a self-sufficient environment capable of maintaining aquatic life, while brightening up any room in the house.

Each of the hand blown glass pods only requires a small amount of indirect light to function. The only other requirement for happy survival is a room temperature between 60F and 80F.

Enclosed in the EcoSphere is a maintenance-free environment with bottom gravel, a decorative branch and a host of live marine shrimp, algae and other micro-organisms. All of these individual parts come together to produce your very own microcosm. It’s a nice decorative touch for your home, a welcome distraction for a college dorm room, or a calming presence at the office. Teachers also love having an EcoSphere in the classroom, to teach students about beauty and balance.

The biological balance is provided from the algae-consuming shrimp and the waste-consuming algae. These combined with microorganisms work together to keep the life cycle complete.

This tank is 100% feeding free and doesn’t even require water changes. Whether you choose the small or large EcoSphere pod, you will have an average lifespan of two to three years, creating plenty of enjoyment for a long period of time. When your tank has expired, each aquatic pod comes with an EcoSphere guarantee. You can choose to replace, recharge or even upgrade your ecosystem.

The EcoSphere is a great addition to any indoor environment. The care-free requirements and calming aquarium movements make the Aquatic Ecosystem Pod a great gift for ecology lovers and decor lovers alike.

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