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Dog Grooming Made Easy – The Pet Vet Cordless Clippers

Dog Grooming Just Got Easier With

* Cordless animal trimmer that’s ideal for close trimming
* Low level operation noise to keep frightened animals calm
* Features detachable blade for easy sanitation and maintenance

Keep your pooch looking great with these easy-to-use clippers. Combining precision trimming, quiet operation noise and easy maintenance, the lightweight and cordless Andis D-6 from Pet Vet is ideal for groomers, veterinarians and easy at-home maintenance.

Featuring a sleek and lightweight design, these Andis clippers offer clean and close trimming to make your pets look great. The precision trimming ensures reliable cutting in the most important areas, including fur close to wounds and incisions.

Furthermore, the functioning noise level of the clippers is quiet compared to similar products. This is an intentional feature that helps pets stay calm during their hair touch up.

The Andis T-6 comes with a built-in Ni-MH battery to provide wireless and tangle-free use while ensuring long-life performance during the day. The charging device allows for easy overnight charging and also features protective circuitry to prevent the battery from overcharging.

The T-6’s blade is made from stainless steel and fully detachable to make maintenance and cleaning a breeze. This allows higher levels of sanitation than fixed head models. And the #40 surgical blade is close cutting. It’s great for reducing the hair between your cat or dog’s feet, inside their ears or around incisions and wounds.

Designed for light trimming in tight areas, with easy operation and low stress, the Andis Pet Vet T-6 will be your favorite new tool for man’s best friend.

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