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Mark The Momentous Inauguration With These Commander-in-Chief Themed Cards

With the election campaign behind us and Donald Trump having now been sworn into office, we can hopefully have some lighthearted political humor to accompany the greeting cards we send to friends and family. Designed in Canada, these 4.25 x 5.5 inch cards feature original digital illustrations printed on heavyweight matte card-stock. A matching red envelope and heart-shaped sticker seal is included.

Now that the biggest political occasion until 2020 is finally over, it’s time to buy one of these presidential-themed greeting cards, that work for almost any occasion. The card is purposely left blank inside, for you to fill in your own punchlines.

Donald Trump Bragging Card

Donald Trump Bragging Card While the obvious occasion for sending this card is when a friend accomplishes something totally uncanny, it’s also great for those not-so-happy occurrences, like bankrupting a business, or being broadcast on satellite radio calling one’s own daughter a “piece of ass.” It was written by someone else and carries your name (just like “The Art of the Deal”), but it’s still way more personal than a middle of the night Tweet.

Buy: Donald Trump Bragging Card $5.00

Trudeau/Obama I Miss You Card

Trudeau/Obama I Miss You Card An ideal greeting card for any friend you haven’t seen in a while, this one is especially great to send when your awesome neighbors move away and the new occupants decorate their front yard with Lawn Flamingos. Regardless of the reason, old friends love hearing from one another.

Buy: Trudeau/Obama I Miss You Card $5.00

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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