Daily Deal: This Mud Mask Gives You a Clear Complexion for $11

This Blackhead Remover Mask Is On-Sale

* Formulated with bamboo charcoal
* Removes impurities and minimizes pores
* Was: $39.99 | Now: $10.99

Nothing ruins a beach day like blackheads. Crushing your complexion and leaving you feeling less like the happy and healthy person you are, a nasty breakout wreaks havoc on your game. That’s why you should put your best face forward with CUCNZN’s Suction Mud Mask.

Formulated with bamboo charcoal, this mask adsorbs oil and sticks to blackheads firmly. The activated bamboo carbon removes both blackheads and dead skin, leaving you fresh and lovely. The Suction Mud Mask doesn’t just remove blackheads — it also minimizes your pores and gives your face a deep cleaning, leaving behind no impurities.

It’s easy to apply. Begin by opening your pores with a hot towel, then apply the mask evenly to the target zones. As the mask dries, you’ll feel your pores tightening. Once it’s completely dry, pull the mask upward to remove it. Your face will be cleaner, softer and smoother than before. Plus you’ll have visibly smaller pores from just one use.

Originally priced at $39.99, Amazon is offering the Suction Mud Mask by 80% — a savings of $32.

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