Burton Cadet Backpack

Reporting for Everyday Duty to Safeguard Your Valuables: The Burton Cadet Backpack

* Perfect size for daily use and traveling
* Interior and exterior squad pockets
* Manufacturer lifetime warranty

Give your valuables a fighting chance to stay safe even when you are undertaking a rugged trek with Burton’s Cadet Backpack. Featuring a padded laptop compartment and a fleece-lined tablet sleeve, your expensive electronics are organized and protected while the generous, deep main compartment has plenty of room to hold your everyday gear.

Taking its cues from the precision utility design of technical hiking packs, the Burton Cadet Backpack boasts a full squad of pockets, both exterior and interior, for maximum organization of and easy access to all your key accessories.

Buy: Burton Cadet Backpack $27.98

Designed to hold a whole contingent of essentials, the Cadet Backpack is 18″ x 12″ x 6.5″ — perfectly sized for daily use and also traveling — and is guaranteed to stay strong thanks to a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Materials used are recycled and sustainable where possible, including recycled nylon. With a variety of color and pattern options including Denison Camo (pictured), Digi Plaid, Knit Print and True Black, there are plenty of looks to choose from in the Burton Cadet Backpack collection.

Avoid a “rookie” tote move and make sure your gear and electronics are safeguarded in the roomy yet organized Burton Cadet Backpack.

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