Filson and Harris Tweed Combine Forces to Create a Unique Briefcase For Men

Filson Bag Twill and Tweed Original

* Authentic twill and tweed briefcase made in the USA
* Variety of interior and exterior pockets for all your on-the-go needs
* Includes storm flap, leather handles and a removable shoulder strap

Greet the day fashionably with this Filson twill and tweed briefcase. Great for your daily trip to the office or as a carry on for business trip, this men’s briefcase offers the ideal mix of classic style and variable storage. Made from the highest quality materials and built to last, you’ll find all your bases are covered with this sturdy bag.

Designed by Filson and built using rugged, Scottish-made Harris tweed trims, the multi-use bag sports four exterior pockets. Inside, you’ll find two full-length pockets and additional sewn-in compartments ideal for safely keeping writing utensils, business cards and your smartphone. You’ll also find a brass key clip. The internal divide is big enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop.

Although not entirely weather proof, the twill and tweed briefcase sports a storm flap with snap-button closure. And the double layer of sturdy fabric provides protection for your belongings.

You’ll also have the choice of how to carry your bag, as it features genuine bridle leather handles and a shoulder strap, including a shoulder pad which is fully removable.   

Created from the highest quality twill and tweed, this made-in-the-USA briefcase is built to last. Add this attractive and rugged Filson piece to your bag rotation today.

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