Daily Deal: Get a Double Package From Five Four Club for Only $60

five four club
Image courtesy Five Four Club/Instagram

* A monthly delivery of clothes that suits your style
* Get a double package ($240 value) for only $60
* Cancel or pause membership whenever you want

If you’re on the fence about trying an online style delivery service, Five Four Club just sweetened the deal enough to put you over the edge. For a limited time, they’ll give you a double package with a value of $240 for only $60. Once you’ve joined, you’ll start getting a monthly delivery of clothing selected just for you for only $60/month.

2 months
I can vouch for five four club. Been with them for the past 3 months now.

Five Four Club works by first creating your style profile. All you have to do is complete a short survey to help them know what kind of clothes you like. Then you’ll start getting a regular delivery of up to three items each month from their seasonal collection. You can also shop apparel from their exclusive online store. Unlike some online style services, everything you get is yours to keep–there’s no need to send anything back.

In case something doesn’t fit, Five Four Club gives members free size exchanges, and all shipping is free. Even better, there’s no hassle if don’t like the service. You can pause or cancel your membership whenever you like.

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