Lace-Up Leather Derbys With a Twist

These Leather Derbys Shoes Are Durable,

* Hugo Boss leather derbys
* 100% polished cowhide leather
* Contrast color burnishing at the toe and heel

One of the most classic closet staples in men’s fashion is a pair of leather derby shoes. This iconic style has stuck around for centuries for a reason, creating lasting impressions with an understated, easy to wear design. Leather derbys are consistently versatile, comfortable, durable and add the perfect clean-cut finish to any ensemble.

We love the Three Tone Brush Off Lace Up Derbys by Hugo Boss because they are the epitome of everything great about the derby style plus a little touch of trend. Smooth leather crafts the silhouette all the way around, with a cool contrast burnishing at the toe and heel. Slim coated laces seal the open lace-up system in front, with that unmistakable stitching continuing around the sides in true derby form. Stacked heels and rubbers soles complete the look with a comfortable finish.

leather derby shoes hugo boss


We like these derbys by Hugo Boss because they are ideal for most outfits and events. They are different from an oxford shoe because the stitching and burnishing adds more detail, trend and a laid back feel.

The biggest difference is between the two lacing systems. A closed lace-up such as an oxford is considered more streamlined and formal, while the open lace-up provides more visible design features, texture and a dynamic quality. While both the oxford and derby are considered dress shoes, the derby functions as a simple statement piece for a wide array of occasions and lifestyles.

A leather derby is truly the investment piece that keeps on giving. Beautiful leather derbys like these not only last for years but are also always fashionable. Just pair with dark denim or slacks (and a great shirt) and you’re good to go.

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