Only a Few Pairs of These Organic Jeans Are Left

Natural Selection jeans No Evil 33

* Handcrafted denim jeans designed in the UK and finished in Italy
* Cut from hard-to-find Japanese selvedge denim fabric
* Intentionally faded style with scuffs and stains

Here’s the story… the uniqueness of these designer jeans come from the uncommon fabric out of which they were cut. This fabric was produced from an entirely organic cotton source. Two years before John Park launched his London-based denim brand, Natural Selection, the founder purchased 1000 meters of sought-after 14 oz organic selvedge denim. Soon after, the North Carolina company that had produced the fabric shut down, due to changing laws in the region.

Left with 1000 meters of recently endangered fabric, John Park did what any intelligent, fashion-loving person would do: he designed and created 360 pairs of limited production jeans. Focused on clean silhouettes and the purity of fits, he dubbed them the “No Evil” jeans and they’ve been a covet-worthy collector’s item ever since.

No Evil jeans are cut from the finest organic Japanese selvedge denim, and dyed in natural indigo. They’re then hand-finished in Italy by artisans, who achieve the perfectly faded legs, intentional stains and well-worn patches, without the use of any chemicals or sandblasting. A pair like this “No Evil 33” model takes more time to finish, due to its unique distressing details. 

A comfortable, slim fit, the jeans are designed for unisex wear. Pair it with a T-shirt and jeans to head to the game with your best friends. For women, wear them slouchy like your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, and dress them up with heels and a statement bag.

On top of the exclusivity and story-worthy origins, the versatile design of these No Evil jeans offers a pair of pants that will work with almost any style, personality and occasion. Entirely hand-finished, they’re made with exception attention to detail and quality, and no two pairs will be alike. Make sure you grab a pair of these rare jeans before they disappear forever.

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