Upgrade Your Ski Slope Style With This Armani Jacket

emporio armani ski jacket

* Emporio Armani’s new high-tech activewear line
* Made from water-repellent and heat-conserving fabric
* Slim fit with just the right amount of stretch for the slopes

Ski wear and sophisticated style aren’t always a natural combination. Thankfully, there are now some excellent options for when you want to hit the slopes without looking like the Michelin Man.

Emporio Armani has been doing some great things with their EA7 activewear line. Well-tailored, clean and elegant, the EA7 technical ski jacket features an innovative Toray Delfy Technology fabric – a highly water-repellent and heat-conserving, yet stretchy and breathable material. It’s a hooded ski jacket that has all the practical benefits of “techno” outerwear, but in a fitted, slim silhouette. No marshmallows here.

This breathable, moisture-wicking jacket will keep you as warm as if you were hanging out by the fireplace in the ski lodge. The Toray Delfy fabric is supple and movable, so unlike a lot of warm coats, the EA7 technical ski jacket won’t restrict your moves on the slopes, or get in the way of snowy gymnastics. A left breast pocket with its own waterproof zipper helps keep the slush off your phone, and a cozy fleece-lined collar keeps the alpine chill off your ears. With its understated, easy design, it’s something we can picture on the 2017 version of a dapper Roger Moore-era James Bond.

Try it in the “green” colorway, which is a subtle update on basic gray. We love how the yellow-hued detailing adds just the right amount of contrast, while the EA7 Emporio Armani logo on the chest is a mark of the Italian fashion house’s commitment to quality and innovation.

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