Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe With These Knockout Neon Sandals

Alexander Wang Lou Sandals

* Comfortable 1.5 inch heel
* Rounded, open-toe design
* On-trend for spring and summer seasons

Just in time for the extra-early arrival of warm weather are these distinctive and on-trend shoes by Alexander Wang. The Lou is a leather slip-on, mule-style sandal with an open square toe.

Featured in Wang’s Spring 2017 collection, these sandals are a true stand out. What makes these casual-cool slides unique is their fluorescent yellow color. Surprisingly, this color has staying power and can be very versatile. A good tip to remember when wearing neon is to stick to neutral shades up top, which allows you to make a statement with your shoes and is an easy way to freshen up your basics. While the color choice might not be the most practical, it will make a bold statement and fit in perfectly with all your neutral warm-weather looks (think white tees, denim and loose blouses).

Another great feature is Wang’s signature covered cut-out block heel with tilt-effect. The 1.5-inch heel height is perfect for all-day walking at work or weekend and the cut-out heel adds just a touch of edge to make this sandal feel less basic. With all the flat-heeled, slip-in shoes available this spring and summer, it might be hard to choose just one. Add the Lou shoe to your online shopping cart and never look back.

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