Skip The Injections and Get These Plumping Lip Masks Instead

Coconut LIPS Collagen Gel Lip Masks

* Collagen lip masks plump your lips in 20 minutes
* Like a facial sheet mask for your mouth
* Tones, moisturizers and evens out fine lines

Do you long for a set of luscious lips like Georgia May Jagger? Relax. You don’t need genes from a father who’s famous for his smoochers to get a set of big, sexy lips. You don’t need injections, either.

Add Coconut LIPS Collagen Gel Lip Masks to your beauty routine for lips that are silky soft and full of love. These collagen gel treatments revitalize your lips with marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids, natural marine minerals and vitamins. Coconut extract adds hydration and a light pleasant scent.

Simply remove the hydrating gel pads from the package and wrap them over your lips. The ingredients in the pads are activated by your natural body heat. After 20 minutes, you will see improved elasticity, texture and a decrease in the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. The infusion also plumps and re-hydrates thinning lips, leaving them full and fabulous.

Coconut LIPS Collagen Gel Lip Masks ToGoSpa

Everyone’s lips thin as we age, but some people lose their plumpers sooner than the rest. Smokers use the pads to counteract the effects of “smokers lips,” while others prefer the convenience and discretion of these masks over expensive collagen treatments. Use the lip masks before applying your lipstick for a picture-perfect look. Or nourish your lips after a day out in the sun. You’ll be puckering up in no time.

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