I Want My Embellished Marc Jacobs Sweatshirt

Embellished Wool Blend Sweatshirt

* Sequined MTV logo makes nostalgia hip again
* Comfortable wear with a flattering fit
* Trendy pink color for flashy off-duty style

The 90s are back again, thanks to this Marc Jacobs MTV oversized sweatshirt. Crafted from popping pink fleece and sequined with the iconic MTV logo at the front, the Embellished Wool-Blend Sweatshirt punches up your off-duty style, while giving a wink and nod to childhood music memories.

Expertly crafted in Italy from a luxe wool blend, this tunic-length pullover offers easy motion with raglan sleeves, and a flattering, relaxed fit. Wear it with skinny jeans and studded pumps for an effortless take on Pop Princess style.

Embellished Wool-Blend Sweatshirt

Embellished Wool-Blend Sweatshirt This breathable, baggy sweater begs to be part of your weekend routine.

A wide crew neck allows for versatile styling. You can layer the sweatshirt with a collared shirt as shown, or let your collarbone show for a sexy, playful twist. You can even pair it with leggings and sneakers for an ensemble that goes from Barre to brunch.

Stretchy, durable blended fleece feels soft against your skin and retains its shape over time. Ribbing at the neckline, cuffs and hem adds to the sweatshirt’s resilience.

Whether you’re throwing a retro-themed dance party or just in the mood for nostalgia, you’ll be channeling your inner popstar with this Marc Jacobs top. Part of Marc Jacobs’ latest collection, the MTV collaboration is selling out fast, so don’t miss out on your chance to re-live the 90s in style.

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