Make A Wish On These Marc Jacobs Shooting Star Earrings

marc jacobs star earrings

* New from Marc Jacobs Resort Collection
* Shooting star embellished stud earrings 
* Made from antique brass gold and colored rhinestones

The Marc Jacobs Resort Collection would not have been complete without the wonderful addition of jewelry. The accessories introduced in the line stay true to that iconic Marc Jacobs flair that creates instant cool-girl vibes with pieces that are universally fun, fashionable and feminine.

We love the Marc Jacobs Resort Shooting Star Stud Earrings as a gift or a treat to yourself. These lightweight etched earrings rock a swirling shooting star motif that’s a unique addition to your earring options. Antique brass gold makes a smooth, retro look in the shape of a shooting star while clear and amber colored rhinestones decorate the face for a delightful and dreamy look.

The interesting shape and combination of colored gems will instantly brighten your face and add just the right amount of sparkle for day-to-day wear. These earrings are effortless from day to night, with the muted brass gold metal keeping it casual and the rhinestones adding drama.Related image

Perfectly sized at about half an inch, the design leaves just enough room for other earrings if you have multiple piercings on your ears. These shooting star shapes sweep just above the tips of the earlobes for a pretty hint of dazzle when your hair is worn down, or makes a sweet statement with your hair worn up. Post-back closures sit in back, and are etched with friction in back to assure the perfect fit.

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