Resculpt Your Face and Body With This Celebrity-Approved Cream

Shakti Face and Body Resculpting Cream

* Developed by celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn
* Leaves your skin feeling lifted, firm and sculpted
* Works for all skin types

Don’t just moisturize your skin, re-sculpt it with the Shakti Face and Body Resculpting Cream. Formulated by celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn, whose clients include Rihanna, Sofia Vergara and Diane von Furstenberg, this all-natural blend leaves your skin feeling lifted, soft and firm.

Infused with organic green tea, Shakti Face and Body Resculpting Cream flushes toxins from your skin to reduce blemishes and inflammation. Green tea’s antioxidants gave your face a fresh complexion, while smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks on your neck, hips, thighs, arms, legs and stomach.

Blackcurrant extracts in the cream complement the green tea’s therapeutic effects. They also moisturize and soften your skin without making it feel greasy. Blackcurrant is also often used to improve circulation, while helping to reduce the signs of aging.

Organic Bulgarian rose oil infuses your skin with vitamin A, while adding a subtle fragrance. Rose oil is also known to reduce rosacea in your complexion, as well as relieving anxiety and depression. The look of fine lines and cellulite is diminished, helping you look rested and sculpted. Your skin is left with greater elasticity and a youthful glow.

Skakti Cream is free of sulfates, dyes and artificial fragrances and is suitable for all skin types.

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