Tie Dye Throw Blanket Levtex Nordstrom

Get Groovy With This Tie-Dye Indigo Throw Blanket

* Give your home a quick update with a boho chic tie-dye throw
* Machine washable for easy care
* Deep indigo hue works surprisingly well as a neutral or accent color

Looks like tie-dye isn’t just for fashion. Once the hallmark of hippies and tree-huggers, this once-modest motif has reached runway status and now home decor. The process of tie-dye is just how it sounds – fabric is literally tied off and dyed. Folding, twisting, or pleating the material and binding it with string or rubber bands creates a pattern that’s at once organic looking and vaguely reminiscent of an ink blot.

Buy: Levtex Raine Blue Throw $39.00

Spotted in glossy decorating magazines, the print’s latest iteration is more boutique hotel than Grateful Dead tee shirt. Case in point, the Raine Throw from Levtex seen here. Available in a deep indigo hue with a white pattern, this tie-dye throw blanket has the look of a treasured textile bought on a far-flung adventure. This blanket measures 50″ x 60″ and thanks to the hand-dyeing process, no two blankets will be the same. Its groovy vibe would be just right in a summer cottage, or as a quick seasonal update at home as you pack away winter’s thick wool blankets.

As throw blankets are more accessory than show-stopper, it’s also a great piece for trying out a new trend. Make it the right move if throwing down major cash for a full tie-dye sheet set or expensive new upholstery gets your nerves going. At just $39, there’s a bigger chance you’ll be making an Instagram-worthy change to your living room than catching a case of buyer’s remorse.

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