Alexander McQueen clutch
Made in Italy, this Alexander McQueen leather clutch is adorned with two-tone studs, two zip-top openings and a gold logo embossing.

5 Pieces to Snag This Weekend Before the New Year’s Sales Are Over

Holiday season has come and gone, and while some folks need a break from the shopping, we’re letting you know that this is actually the best time of year to score huge discounts on luxury items that typically don’t go on sale.

With retailers making room for new 2017 arrivals, it’s the perfect opportunity to snag a designer deal from last fall’s merchandise. The key: look for classic timeless pieces that don’t scream “so last season.” Here are five picks we spotted that are worth every penny spent – and worth celebrating every penny saved.

Versace Square Scarf

Versace Square Scarf Versace, a brand synonymous with quality and style, brings you this purple square scarf, the perfect accessory for spring. The scarf itself is semi-transparent and boasts a subtle, washed floral pattern. At 51 inches square, it doubles as a luxe wrap, shawl or light throw. Regular price: $210.00.

Buy: Versace Square Scarf $107.00

Alexander Wang Hat

Alexander Wang Hat From hipsters to businesswomen, this gray Alexander Wang hat is a stylish addition to any winter wardrobe. The knitted cap is made from a super soft merino wool and has elements of a casual beanie design while still maintaining an elegant and grown-up silhouette. The solid gray color makes it easy to pair with any coat or jacket. Regular price: $139.00.

Buy: Alexander Wang Hat $84.00

MM6 Gloves by Maison Margeila

MM6 by Maison Margeila Gloves Every girl deserves pearly white mitts, and these MM6 gloves by esteemed fashion house Maison Margiela are just the ticket. Rendered in Margiela’s signature minimalist aesthetic, these gloves are woven from a finely knit 100% wool. They’re lightweight enough to keep in your purse, and durable enough to keep you warm through the remaining winter months. Be sure to get them before they sell out. Regular price: $149.00

Buy: MM6 Gloves by Maison Margiela $65

Alexander McQueen Clutch

Alexander McQueen clutch Made in Italy, this Alexander McQueen leather clutch is adorned with two-tone studs, two zip-top openings and a gold logo embossing. A true statement bag from a true fashion master. Get this right now – you’re saving almost $700. Regular price: $1031.00

Buy: Alexander McQueen Clutch $340.00

Brunello Cucinelli Necklace

Brunello Cucinelli Necklace This final deal is less about what you need, and more about what you didn’t know you wanted. The Italian-made Brunello Cucinelli necklace with its beaded detailing and creative design will help you rock any party in style. As a gift or as a splurge for yourself, the designer pyrite necklace is sure to make you feel good in 2017. Regular price: $1556.00

Buy: Brunello Cucinelli Necklace $762

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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