Lost Item Locator (3-Pack)

The Accessory Every Forgetful Person Needs

* Use smartphone to track location of lost items
* Sync up device to send alerts when items go out of range
* Stylish hexagonal design

If you’re prone to misplacing your personal belongings, it’s time to invest in some Lost Item Locators. Using advanced Bluetooth LE technology alongside the XY Find It mobile app, any item you attach to a Lost Item Locator will always be within your digital view.

Using your smartphone, you can pinpoint the location of your missing item and save yourself the hassle, time, and worry of searching.

Buy: Lost Item Locator $59.99

Compatible with iPhone/iPad (iOS 7.0+) and Galaxy/Android devices (OS 4.3+), these cutting edge locators come in a set of three. They are available in two color varieties as well. You can choose from Onyx/Jade/Snow or Amethyst/Jade/Ruby.

Each beacon features a stylish, hexagonal design and also comes with the required battery. With free access to the global “XY Lost and Found Community,” the locators provide reassurance and the ability to find your lost items quickly.

There’s really never any need to worry once your beacons are attached. If you need to locate your belongings, you can simply use the Beep-to-Find function (which use dynamic multi-tone speakers to aid in locating your missing item) or you can physically view and track the location of your items on your computer.

You’ll also be able to set up KeepNear notifications to alert you when your items go out of range – perfect for pets or valuable possessions. In addition, the locators are 100% waterproof.

With these clever Lost Item Locators, you’ll always be able to keep tabs on your belongings. Whether you’re tracking your keys, digital camera, rucksack, or even the family pet, these locators provide a reliable backup for days when your possessions are out of sight.

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