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The Ultimate Accessory for Long-Haul Travel: The Huzi Infinity Pillow

best travel pillow Huzi infinity

* Versatile travel pillow – ideal for any long-haul journey
* A unique design that’s more supportive than standard travel pillows
* Breathable and thermo-regulating (the pillow stays cool when it’s hot)

You’ve probably seen Kim Kardashian (among other celebrities) toting a full-sized pillow onto an airplane. Having somewhere soft to lay your head on a long-haul journey is a definite necessity, but perhaps Kim should consider trading in her large carry-on for an infinity travel pillow.

This is an accessory for every journey. Whether it’s a long-haul flight or a short trip about town, the Infinity Travel Pillow from Huzi Design is the most versatile travel pillow available. Whereas standard travel pillows dictate the way you relax, the infinity pillow bows to your every will, allowing you to bend, curve and bunch up the pillow to fit your needs.

Imagine being squashed into the corner of a bus or delayed for hours at the airport with only a bench to sleep on. This pillow is always ready to work for you. With its unconventional yet simple design, the infinity pillow is a versatile tool. It can act as a window pillow, neck pillow, noise cancelling pillow, lumbar support and even an eye mask.


The pillow is also engineered to keep you comfortable in a variety of environments – especially dry and stuffy airplanes. The bamboo fabric is not only softer than high thread count cotton, it’s also cool to touch, hypoallergenic and completely machine washable (very important considering the germs found in waiting rooms and airplanes). The intelligent, “thermo-regulating” material remains 2-3 degrees warmer at cold temperatures, and a few degrees cooler in the heat. It’s way more comfortable against your skin.

The Infinity Travel Pillow offers comfort way beyond that of any other travel pillow. Leave your generic oversized pillow at home and head to the airport with something that’s easier to pack and easier to use. Give yourself the ability to power nap on your next journey.

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