Rebecca Minkoff’s Chic iPhone 7 Case

You love your iPhone’s sleek design. But if you’re like us, you buy too many phone cases that just don’t last, leading to more of the same cracked cases. Now you can protect your phone with Rebecca Minkoff’s iPhone 7 Case thats chic as it is durable. Hint: it’s also the perfect holiday


The Jackery Bolt Ultra-Compact External Battery Charger – 63% OFF

Waiting for your phone to charge at home is so 2010. This is 2016. We’re constantly on the go, and we need our devices to be too. Luckily, power banks allow us to charge anywhere, but not all external battery chargers are created equal. The Jackery Bolt portable charger is elegantly


For the Busy Fashionista – the Charging Tassel by LDR

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets with subpar battery life, mobile charging devices are a necessary part of every day life. But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to carry around that bulky, boxy power bank? Whether you’re a businesswoman, an on-the-go mom or bot


iPhone 7 Plus Cases: The 5 Best Crystal Clear Cases

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is the most difficult smartphone in the world to buy right now. Find the five best iPhone 7 Plus clear cases available right now on Amazon, and they’re all surprisingly affordable at less than $11 each.

Verizon-Store Layoffs, North Andover, USA - 25 Jul 2016

Verizon PopData Offers Unlimited Wireless Data by the Hour

The holy grail of any carrier plan is unlimited data. Especially in today’s day and age where one can reasonably spend hours upon hours streaming HD video, it’s remarkably easy for even the most prudent smartphone user to go over his or her allotted data. Of course, the carriers