Out of Shape Gamers Rejoice! This Virtual Reality Exercise Bike is a Workout Without the Work

The days of the stereotypical out-of-shape video gamer are over, thanks to VirZOOM, the virtual reality exercise bike, which is literally powered by your pedaling.No wires or other gizmos necessary; this Bluetooth connected bike is also a PlayStation controller that works with five VR exercise games, which are included for free with the lightweight, collapsible VirZOOM bicycle.


A Whole New World – The HTC Vive

Bored with your standard sit-down, TV-based computer game experience? With original content and first-of-its-kind immersion techniques, the HTC Vive – Virtual Reality System may be the answer to all your desires. Co-developed by HTC and Valve, this award-winning system provides life-like experiences through exciting interactive content. Using a headset and specially designed wirel