Out of Shape Gamers Rejoice! This Virtual Reality Exercise Bike is a Workout Without the Work

The days of the stereotypical out-of-shape video gamer are over, thanks to VirZOOM, the virtual reality exercise bike, which is literally powered by your pedaling.No wires or other gizmos necessary; this Bluetooth connected bike is also a PlayStation controller that works with five VR exercise games, which are included for free with the lightweight, collapsible VirZOOM bicycle.


The Jackery Bolt Ultra-Compact External Battery Charger – 63% OFF

Waiting for your phone to charge at home is so 2010. This is 2016. We’re constantly on the go, and we need our devices to be too. Luckily, power banks allow us to charge anywhere, but not all external battery chargers are created equal. The Jackery Bolt portable charger is elegantly