Enjoy Homegrown Herbs with the Makerskit Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden Gift Set

The Makerskit Mason Jar Indoor Herb
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Even people with the blackest of thumbs can now enjoy fresh homegrown herbs with the Makerskit Mason Herb Garden Gift Set. Inspired by Makerskit’s Terrarium Workshops, the quick and easy herb garden is ideal for those keen on producing their own homegrown herbs.

The set contains 4 half pint, glass Mason Jars. Using the easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, even the least skilled gardener will be well on their way to fresh herbs in no time.

The process is so easy! Simply hydrate the soil, and then add the vermiculite soil and your desired herb seeds to the mason jars. Finally, place another vermiculite layer on top of each of the jars.

Once your herb starts to grow, you can choose to farm your produce or continue to grow it in a bigger container. Maintenance is minimal and only involves filling the jars up to the vermiculite line once a week to keep your crop hydrated.

Each kit gives you a set of 4 different seeds, including basil, cilantro, parsley and mint. You will be supplied with wood plant markers and stickers to make sure you always know which plant is growing inside the jar.

The 4 jar set sits only 4” tall and is perfect for a windowsill or tabletop project. It could even be a great way to teach kids about growing their own plants.

With minimal upkeep and an outstanding variety of herbs, the Makerskit Mason Herb Garden Gift Set is perfect for those wishing to have a direct supply of homegrown fresh herbs. It might even be a great gift for some green thumbed friend this winter season.

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