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Get A Sustainable Good Night’s Sleep on Cosy House’s Bamboo Bed Sheets

Get a Sustainable Good Night’s Sleep
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If you want to sleep easy tonight, how about an eco-friendly bamboo bedding set that includes a flat sheet, an extra-deep pocket fitted sheet and four pillowcases and has almost 50 five-star reviews on Amazon – now for just $34.95 (marked down from $99.00)?!

Bamboo is the hottest new material with the coolest features. The most sustainable, hypoallergenic natural fiber out there, it also has antibacterial qualities that repel and eliminate bacteria and makes the bedding odor and mildew resistant. And bamboo sheets are naturally breathable; they expand when it’s warm to let your skin breathe and contract when it’s cool to create warmth for a comfortable sleep year-round.

Available in a dozen different colors, the pretty stripes on this bamboo bedding set from Cosy House go well with a variety of bedroom décor. The blend of the sheets (40% rayon derived from bamboo, 60% polyester) makes them fade resistant and ensures that they wash beautifully, coming out wrinkle-free, every time – without the use of chemicals or additives.

You can rest assured that you and your family will have sweet, sustainable dreams on your new bamboo bedding set.

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