Home is Where the Heart Is: This House-Shaped Tissue Box Cover is a Heartfelt Gift for the Holidays

This House-Shaped Tissue Box Cover Is
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Poinsettias die, fruitcakes are a bust – so what should you bring for a thoughtful holiday-themed hostess gift? How about a whimsical house-shaped tissue box cover created by award-winning designer Mauricio Affonso for Umbra, the hip, modern home goods company?  Over 500 people on Amazon give it 4+ stars, and currently it’s on sale for just $6.77.

The house-shaped tissue box cover cleverly disguises the less-than-attractive paper boxes of most facial tissues and dispenses each tissue through its “chimney,” like an adorable puff of smoke. If the gift is for a crafty person, s/he can actually paint the house to fit any décor. (That’s just one of the burning questions about the house-shaped tissue box cover answered on Amazon.)

The house-shaped tissue box cover measures 6-3/4″ x 5 by 5″ and fits standard boutique (cube-shaped) tissue boxes. For many, it solves the problem of having boring, or worse, tissue boxes with bad “art” on them littering their homes, particularly during the winter cold and flu season.

For a fun and different holiday present or clever hostess gift, there is nothing like a home, sweet home… tissue box cover from Umbra.

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