What To Get The Oenophile Who Has Everything? How About a $510 Henshall-Type Corkscrew

For The Oenophile That Has Everything:
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As the holidays approach, the quest for exceptional gifts that a person would never buy for him or herself is on. For the wine aficionado in your life, consider a Henshall-type corkscrew with a bamboo root handle, exquisitely handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans CEDES Milano.

Made from durable, mirror-polished stainless steel, this unique, artisanal corkscrew is topped with a smooth, light brown bamboo root handle. It brings a sense of unmistakable elegance to any home bar.

The Henshall corkscrew was first patented in England in 1795. Its inventor, Reverend Samuel Henshall, improved on the classic wooden-handled steel worm corkscrew by inserting a concave disk between the handle and the worm. This served two purposes: it prevented the user from screwing too far into the cork, and it also forced the cork itself to turn once the limit is reached, breaking any seal between the cork and the bottle’s neck.

CEDES Milano is a family company that uses skilled artisans to turn natural materials into beautifully designed, useful items. With bamboo sourced from Japan, the Henshall-type corkscrew is lovingly handcrafted so that each is its own unique piece of usable art.

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