Shine a Light: The Army Grade FirstLight Torq Flashlight

FirstLight Torq Flashlight
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From the maker of flashlights for U.S. Army tank crews and medics comes the year’s best flashlight. It features a battle-ready design that’s easy to operate. A quick explanation of FirstLight’s Torq Flashlight is all it takes to see why this best-in-class tool is preferred by the US military.

Durable Design

The Torq Flashlight’s battery compartment is secured by a wire clip that closes so tightly, you need a screwdriver to open it. Additionally, the on/off switch is protected by rubber boots.

Ease of Use

Two AA batteries power the Torq Flashlight. It shines brightly, with two settings: 114 and 155 lumens. You can rotate the head by 320 degrees. If you’re militia minded, you’ll like that a pivoting finger loop lets you point a gun and the light in the same direction. If you’re fine with a civilian status, that same feature allows you to shine the light where you’re working. A maneuverable belt clip makes it easy to carry.

In Case of Emergency

The Torq Flashlight includes secondary colors – red, blue, and green – plus a strobe setting. The ability to signal could make a huge difference in an emergency. It might also prove handy at a circuit party.

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