No More Messy Backpack! Keep Your Travel Gear in Order with the ProCase Electronics Organizer Bag

A Travel Electronics Organizer Bag That
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The ProCase Travel Gear Organizer is your new best friend in the battle against a messy backpack. The modern and practical design provides the perfect organizer for all of your travel essentials and accessories.

Made from water-resistant and durable nylon, the lightweight bag is able to fit effortlessly into your backpack, purse, suitcase or laptop bag.


The large central zipper pocket is ideal for holding your smartphone, mobile power bank, external hard drive or any large electronic item. The other two smaller zipper pockets are great for storing slightly smaller items. On the central board, you will find six elastic loops for attaching pens, cables and any other small items. Adjacent to the elastic loops, the three mesh pockets are perfect for your data sticks, SD cards and other memory storage devices. The remaining half of this electronics organizer bag is taken up by two elastically sealed pockets, ideal for your mouse, chargers or power adapters.

The clever design allows for great flexibility, meaning the organizer can also function as a small medicine case, cosmetics bag or even a grooming kit.

At 4.5”×9″ rolled up, this travel bag is the perfect way to organize all of your floating items. The built-in elastic strap allows you to hang and display your items, offering ease of access whether you’re at home or in your hotel room.

The ProCase Travel Gear Organizer is a cost effective and easy way to get organize your travel and electronics bags with a minimal amount of fuss.

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