Turn Your Smartphone into a Card Game Between You and Your Friends

Game of Phones: A Card Game
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A game for everybody and every occasion, Game of Phones takes your smartphone and turns it into the life of the party.

The game comprises of 100 paper cards. Each contains a hilarious prompt and challenges to pit your wits and smartphone savviness against your finger ready party peers.

The game begins with the draw of card. It might say, for example, “Send a message to your parents. First reply wins.” Then the race is on.

As you continue through the deck, points get awarded to the winner of each round. Whether it’s a test of speed, the most interesting food photo you’ve taken or even the most imaginative emoji masterpiece you can create, Game of Phones is non-stop fun for all.

A high quality product, this smartphone card game is perfect as a birthday gift for your family or friends. It would even make the perfect ice breaker at any party. The fun and fast paced action will have everyone invested in no time.

Don’t believe us? Right now, imagine scrolling through the Google Image results for your name and competing with your friends to find the weirdest result in under a minute. We bet you’re laughing already.

Retailing at around $20, this battle of smartphone skill is the perfect secret Santa gift, birthday present or a great party addition. Get it before your next holiday get together. We guarantee your friends will want to order their own after the first round.

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