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Never Miss a Moment With Your Pooch: The Furbo Dog Camera — 11% OFF

Watch Your Dog When You're Not
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could know exactly what our dogs are doing when we’re out of the house? What kind of secret life is your pooch living while you’re gone? Luckily, the Furbo Dog Camera will fill you in on all of your pup’s scheming while you’re out of sight.

Not just any camera, the Furbo iOS/Android app can also toss up to 30 treats to your dog wherever you are. The app is also designed to play a game of fetch with your pup.

The Furbo built-in microphone and speakers allow to listen and communicate with your pets as if you were right there in the room. With Furbo’s built-in intelligent sensors, you can set up a Barking Alert to your cellphone, so you can virtually tend to your dog the instant they start howling.

With the HD live video streaming, you can interact with your pets at any time of day with the camera’s 120 degree wide-angle lens and 4X digital zoom and night vision. You won’t miss a single moment, as the camera also allows you snap photos that you can share with friends and family.

Furbo is a highly comprehensive versatile camera system that was developed with the input of over 5,000 dog owners, veterinarians, and dog trainers. At only $224, this is one camera you don’t want to miss out on.

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