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Shed Your Pet Grooming Pains With the True Touch Deshedding Glove

Pet Grooming Made Easy with the
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Pet grooming can be a painful and trying process. If your cat or dog doesn’t enjoy the feel of a rigid brush or comb, it can be a real hassle to help the natural shedding process. But, with the True Touch Deshedding Glove, pet grooming time just went from a thankless chore to an enjoyable, extended petting session.

After donning the glove, simply stroke your pet normally and let the glove do all the hard work. Meanwhile, your pet will enjoy a gentle massage.


No matter the breed of animal, the True Touch glove effortlessly picks up your pet’s loose hair and collects it on the surface. Where other products may struggle, the deshedding glove easily reaches those once uncomfortable areas such as around the face, behind the legs or under the chest. When the glove is full of hair, you can either peel off the layer or remove it using warm water and mild soap.

Whether your cat or dog has long, short or curly hair, the fully adjustable True Touch Deshedding Glove is sure to do the trick. It contains 180 soft silicone bristles designed to cause unwanted hair to stick and remain on the surface. You’ll also be provided with free how-to videos as well as advice on the best way to use and care for your glove from the True Touch website.

Say goodbye to the days of messy, hair-ridden floors and hello to hassle-free dog and cat grooming with the True Touch Deshedding Glove.

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