This Book of Parenting Advice Will Keep You Laughing With Its Cheeky Humor

three martini playdate book
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* Parenting advice told in a tongue-in-cheek style
* Infused with recipes, helpful hints and illustrations
* Easy-to-read, short story format

Everyone has an opinion on parenting and there are a ton of books out there ready to instruct you on how to raise your child. In fact, a quick Google search pulls up over 52 million articles!  “The Three-Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting” by Christie Mellor is a classic parenting book and one of those exceptions where the author’s opinion on how to raise children is refreshing, light-hearted and down-right hilarious.

“Three-Martini Playdate” is essentially a collection of personal advice and stories told in a satirical way for new and experienced parents. The author’s main objective is to lay out a plan on how parents can “enjoy themselves and not be slaves to their children while still offering kids a safe and nurturing environment.” Told in multiple humorous chapters with titles like, “Screaming: Is it Necessary?” and “Bedtime: Is five-thirty too early?” Mellor entwines real-world advice in a fun, quick read.


Parenting books often times get a bad rap for being too straightforward, strict and infused with medical jargon not meant for the “every” parent. This book offers a tongue-in-cheek read where one of the main points is simply reminding parents not to abandon all adult privileges and thus letting their children rule the world. In addition to some sage advice, this book is peppered with recipes (of the alcoholic kind), sharp opinions, helpful hints and illustrations to remind you that sometimes it is okay to have a more relaxed attitude toward raising your child. Everyone will end up feeling a little bit better all around.

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