Micro Meals: 3 Ways to Cook in Small Spaces

3 Easy Ways to Cook in
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* There isn’t always the kitchen space for every appliance 
* With these smaller models, you can easily cook in your dorm room or studio
* They can make everything from chicken dishes to chocolate cakes

Whether in a cramped apartment or a dorm room, there isn’t always the space to cook your dream dishes. SPY has come up with three helpful appliances that help solve your small space dinner time dilemmas. You don’t have to cut down on flavor to save space.

1. Microwave

Microwaves aren’t just for reheating yesterday’s leftovers, and you can cook much more than frozen food in them. Anything from cakes to this famous green bean dish, your microwave can be a lot more handy than you may think. This one measures just 17″ wide — about the size of a large laptop — and features 11 different power levels to make space-saving cooking stress-free.

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2. Toaster Oven

There are many dishes you don’t necessarily need a full-size oven for — anything from chicken nuggets, to pizzas, can be cooked in a toaster oven. This best-seller by Hamilton Beach can fit as many as six slices of toast inside, and the roll-top opening makes it easier to reach the food inside without burning your hands. The door opens above the toaster as well, so it conserves valuable counter-top space. With bake, broil and toast options — and a removable crumb tray — you can make a variety of dishes without a big mess.

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3. Hot Plate

This Hot Plate by NuWave comes with a 10.5″ non-stick frying pan included, and can be adjusted in 10 degree temperature increments. Hot plates can handle dishes as simple as scrambled eggs and as elaborate as this chicken dish, and it’s ideal for stir-frys, too. The hot plate comes with an auto shut-off after an hour, in case you accidentally leave it on. Plus: only the middle induction cooktop heats up — the extra room around the pan stays cool — making it safer to use.

Image Courtesy of Target

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