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Toucan-Themed Kitchenware For The Win

Joke Gift Alert: Toucan Food Scissors
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* Comfortable kitchen scissors with toucan-inspired design
* Handy magnet for attaching to fridge doors and other metallic surfaces
* Great gift idea for your animal-loving friends

A fun way to make sure you never lose your kitchen scissors again, these Toucan Kitchen Shears have a bird-inspired design that is as eye catching as it is practical. A bonus: they also boast a magnet so you can keep your scissors right where you can see them.

Sporting stainless steel blades, the Toucan Kitchen Shears are large enough to make continued use comfortable for your hands while powerful enough to chop through your meat, fruits and veggies.

The handle is black and white with a striking central blue and black pivot that becomes the eye of the toucan when the scissors are placed in their colorful, beak-adorned storage case.

This storage case also features two super strong, rear-facing magnets, which are designed to attach the shears to any magnetic surface, like a fridge door or metallic notice board. This way, you’ll always know where your scissors are.

Beyond the sharp blades, you’ll find that these crafty scissors also feature a bottle opener on one edge and serrated steel-tooth insets between the soft grip handles. This part of the scissors acts as a useful nutcracker or helps grip slippery kitchen items.

With their playful bird-inspired design and magnetic storage beak, these toucan kitchen shears are a fun gift for your friends who love animals or anyone who is constantly misplacing things. They’ll never have to waste their time searching for scissors again.

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