Rachael Ray Has a Better Way For You to Pour Your EVOO

EVOO Bottle Rachael Ray
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* Multifunctional dispenser for olive oil or anything else you can pour
* Available in array of colors to complement any design scheme
* Dishwasher-safe

If there is one word or phrase in the food lexicon that Rachael Ray is known for, it’s her self-coined acronym, EVOO, which stands for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” The phrase became so popular in fact that in 2007, the Oxford American College Dictionary announced the addition of the term, EVOO, and credited Ray with coining the phrase.

Once you have obtained the perfect olive oil, the next question is how to store it. You could keep it in its original bottle, but why not shake things up and try using a bottle specially made for oil? The Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle by Rachael Ray is a 24-ounce cruet that is the perfect place for housing extra virgin olive oil or anything else that you might want to drizzle or pour.

This dispensing bottle is uniquely designed for storing and keeping EVOO close at hand for cooking and finishing dishes. The opaque bottle and nonporous glazed interior keeps oil in the dark where it should be, to avoid oxidation and preserve the quality taste. The spout is easy to pour and prevents over-pouring with a smooth, controlled release. The entire thing is easy to clean — just wipe off any excess with a damp cloth, or toss it in the dishwasher.

Available in seven colors, the design of the bottle is both contemporary and playful, lending itself to any type of home and kitchen décor and will add function and style to your countertops and dinner table.

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