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Raise a Better Beer Glass

Sempli Monti-Birra Beer Glasses
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* Enhances flavor profile of your beer, keeping it crisp and carbonated
* Combines Swedish simplicity with Italian elegance
* Set of two, packaged in gift box

You wouldn’t fill a luxury car with regular gas. So, why pour your favorite craft beer into a regular glass? That’s why Sempli’s Monti-Birra Clear Beer Glasses were created. They combine Swedish simplicity with Italian elegance for a stylish, modern design that enhances the flavor profiles of different beer styles and boosts the effervescence of your beverages.

Made specifically for craft beer connoisseurs, these gorgeous 12-ounce glasses feature a smart elevated base that prevents stirring and swirling. That way, your beer keeps crisp and carbonated longer.

Sempli Monti-Birra Beer Glasses Gift Box

Each glass is hand-blown from lead-free crystal to ensure you the highest quality. They fit comfortably in your hand. And, they’re perfect for parties, receptions and weddings. They’re the kind of swank detail that gets noticed and admired. They’re great for everyday beer occasions, too. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.

Sempli has packaged this fantastic two-glass set in an elegant gift box. So, it’s all set to give as a fine present for someone you love or want to impress, including youself. Let’s raise a glass to this brilliant design.

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