A Four-In-One Trivet For a Smarter Dining Table

royal blue trivet
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* The “Trivae” has four separate functions in one device
* Use it to display dishes, hold lids while cooking, or organize your counter
* Foldable and stores away easily

The “Trivae” is not your typical trivet. This smartly-designed table tool features four separate functions: an inverted lid holder, a single or dual trivet and a display stand. While cooking, it can hold lids for pots or pans to minimize clutter in the kitchen. Or, as it is able to withstand heat of up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, you can rest the entire pan on it. It can support and hold dishes of up to 10 lbs. too while in the z-position, so you can present your finished dishes with a flourish.

trivet royal blue Image courtesy of Amazon

If you close the Trivae it can be used as a classic trivet, and easily stored due to its compact size. Fold it out flat, and it can store larger casserole dishes or two smaller dishes simultaneously. Made of cast metal, it’s sleek and durable.

The device came to fruition via Kickstarter, after three friends were tired of being frustrated while cooking, with nowhere to store their lids without getting the counter dirty or burning themselves. Now, instead of having to purchase four separate items, you only need to purchase one and get it all done.

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