Retro Lighting: The 7 Best Edison Bulb Lamps Under $60

Alyshia Table Lamp Edison Bulb
Image courtesy of Wayfair
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* Modern “Edison” bulbs offer exposed filament charm
* These lamps mix versatile design with modern efficiency
* Great for accent lighting, bath fixtures and more

More than just a retro curiosity, the exposed-filament or “Edison” lightbulbs have made a resurgence lately for their ability to provide warm, atmospheric lighting and to add an element of ornate decor.

Popularized in vintage-themed restaurants and stores, the Edison bulb may be just the thing to give your patio or indoor space a sophisticated yet inviting air. Modern Edison bulbs replicate the intricate filament look of early carbon filament lightbulbs but are much more energy efficient than Thomas Edison’s early designs.

When paired with the right lamp, the Edison bulb can truly shine, giving an atmospheric effect that ranges from moody Gothic to warm cottage. Best of all: you can get the look without spending a lot of money. Here are our picks for the 7 Best Edison Bulb Lamps under $60.

1. Catalina 1 Light Mini Pendant Lamp

The 1 Light Mini Pendant lamp from Catalina Lighting uses semi-frosted glass to showcase the warm, unique glow of the filament bulb. It makes a great accent light in a space like a den, hallway or kitchen.

Catalina 1 light Pendant Courtesy Wayfair Wayfair


2. Campbelltown Table Lamp

This 16” Table Lamp by Campbelltown features a unique spiral housing. It gives radiant, patterned light that’s great for setting the mood in a living room or foyer.

Courtesy Wayfair


3. Globe Electric Charlie Outdoor Wall Sconce

The Charlie 1 Light Outdoor Wall Sconce is a well-turned out piece that recalls classic gas lamp sconces of the 19th century. The glass enclosure makes it weatherproof for outer charm.

Globe Electric Charlie Wall Sconce


4. Beachcrest Home Samsula Arched Table Lamp

The Samsula Arched Table Lamp comes in a convenient 24” size and its iron “birdcage” style housing is ideal for showcasing the intricate weave of your favorite exposed filament bulb. With its distinctly Victorian look, it’s the perfect lamp to light your way through “Middlemarch ,” or “A Tale of Two Cities .”

samsula arched table lamp


5. Beachcrest Armona Bell Shade Wall Sconce

This wall sconce lamp by Beachcrest Home uses a metal frame with an oil-rubbed bronze finish to complement the charm of the Edison bulb.

Armona 1 Light Wall Sconce


6. Williston Forge Alyshia Table Lamp

The Alyshia table lamp from Williston Forge mixes the vintage look of an Edison exposed filament lamp with a cool geometric retro-futurist base. If you can’t decide between The Flintstones or The Jetsons, this is the lamp for you.Alyshia 9 Table Lamp


7. Breakwater Bay Metal Bath Sconce

This bath fixture highlights the atmospheric qualities of the Edison bulb, providing a dreamy and gentle illumination from its clear glass shade.Wojciechowski+Metal+1-Light+Bath+Sconce

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