Summer’s Coming: Kick Off The Season With a Pipestone Fire Column

This Gas Fire Pit Adds An
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* Stylish fire column for an appealing outdoor space
* Internal propane tank with a 15,000 BTU heat output
* Modern concrete finish with a protective glass shield

Bring a relaxing air to your outdoor space with this beautiful Pipestone fire column. Ideal for yards or patios without enough space for a fire pit, this tall fire column from Threshold is a great way to achieve an appealing ambiance without burning real wood.

Perfect for entertaining or for enjoying the evening breeze, this 22” column provides a mesmerizing flame that adds warmth and soft lighting to your space. 

The simple yet attractive design features a cylindrical stump with a faux concrete finish. On top, there is a shallow glass cylinder to protect your surroundings from the flames without obscuring your view.

Housed inside the column, behind an easily removed door, is an internal one pound propane tank. This is used to fuel the fire and offers a 15,000 BTU heat output that disperses across a five-foot radius. The column also features two convenient handles for easy transporting. To the side of the fire column, you’ll find a discreet dial which allows you to control the size of the flame. On top, the grill is covered by lava rocks to complete the genuine coal fire look.

An attractive addition for entertaining friends, lounging outside on a chilly afternoon or creating that summer evening feel, the Pipestone from Threshold is a budget friendly solution for your home. Sturdy (at 15 pounds) and stylish (with galvanized steel accents), it’ll make a great and useful accent piece for any outdoor space.

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