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Hate Insect Repellent? Keep Calm With a Candle

Insects are Repelled By Candle, Perfect
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* This scented candle also repels insects
* It has hints of spicy cardamom and warm cedar wood
* Perfect for weddings, backyard events and gardens

While insects can be the bane of anyone’s existence, most people also don’t enjoy suffocating on the overwhelming scent of insect repellent. Aromaflage has found the solution, with a chic candle made of wild-natural soy that’s able to repel insects. The candle is non-toxic and safe, completely free of deet, parabens and harsh chemicals. It has also been scientifically tested to prove its effectiveness at warding off those pesky summer bugs.

Housed in a simple and unobtrusive glass holder, the candle features hints of spicy cardamom and warm cedar wood, so you don’t have to coat yourself, or the room, in repellent. It is made from essential oils found in Southeast Asia, and inspired through the practice of using botanical oils to repel insects, which was first seen in ancient Roman, Greek and Indian cultures, and is still a common practice in tropical regions today.

Its subtle, exotic scent makes it an ideal companion to weddings, backyard events, gardening and cocktail parties, or any other occasion that’s threatened to be ruined by pesky bugs. Light the candle 10-15 minutes before you head outside. Like a woodsy blend mixed with a spa-like tranquility, this candle works equally well and is safe to use indoors as well.

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