Student Storage: The 8 Best Closet Organizers for Small Spaces

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* Make the most of small dorm and apartment spaces
* Closet organizers keep things neat and help avoid creases
* Organizers maximize the space

Dorm rooms, college apartments and young professional studios are all known for being tight spaces, but these closet organizers help you maximize the tiny room you have.

1. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Utilizing your over-the-door space, this organizer has 24 pockets to store your shoes. Transparent, it’s easy to see individual pairs. It also protects your shoes from dust and damage.

Cindy Graham
2 years
Thank you for this article. It was indeed very helpful! My daughter starts her first year of...

Cindy Graham
2 years
Thank you for this article. It was indeed very helpful! My daughter starts her first year of…
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2. Stainless Steel Pants Hanger

Made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, this S-type hanger helps you conserve closet space. Fold pants in half and easily slip them over, avoiding hazardous creases.

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3. Tank Top, Bra, Bathing Suit 8-in-1 Hanger

This hanger packs the utility of eight in the space of one. Crafted from rust-resistant black power-coated steel, it can also be used to drip dry. The hanger can also function for holding smaller items, such as children’s clothes.

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4. Simple 5-Shelf Hanging Organizer

Make the most of your hanging space with this organizer. It extends vertically, ideal for storing accessories like bags, shoes or scarves. It fits on any standard hanging rod, with each side also featuring three mesh pockets for additional storage space.

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5. Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider

Rather than haphazardly throwing your delicates in a drawer, this organizer by SimpleHouseware is made from mold-proof non-woven fabric. It comes with four bins- a six cell for scarves or ties, an eight cell for underwear, a seven cell for bras and a 24 cell for socks.

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6. Classic Shoe Rack

If you’d rather have something more substantial than over-the-door shoe storage, this traditional shoe rack by Seville Classics is three-tiered. It can store up to nine pairs of shoes per unit. The espresso finish prevents corrosion in dry environments.

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7. Weave Drawer Unit

Featuring driftwood handles and legs, this drawer unit helps organize space without having spoiling your decorating theme. Made in the USA, the opaque drawers keep the goods inside concealed.

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8. ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer

With 12 available cube openings, this organizer eliminates clutter, as it can work both vertically and horizontally. It’s easy to assemble, and additional color can be with fabric drawers, which are available in a variety of materials.

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